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USCIS updates the Naturalization Applicants Policy Guide …

USCIS updates Policy Guides regarding naturalization applicants who do not appropriately acquire lawful permanent residency status. On November 18, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services updated the policy guidance in the USCIS Policy Handbook to clarify the cases when we find applicants ineligible for naturalization because they are not accepted for legal permanent residence. Applicants are not eligible for naturalization if they acquire lawful permanent resident status (LPR) by mistake, fraud, or non-compliance with the law. The update also made it clear that we consider whether candidates give up LPR status when we hear their citizenship application. If the applicant fails to meet the responsibility of asserting that they maintain LPR status, we generally reject the application for naturalization and put the applicant in removal proceedings by issuing a Notice of Eviction (NTA). The update also states that we generally deny citizenship applications filed on or after the effective date if the applicant is in removal proceedings under an arrest warrant.

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