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How much money the U.S. immigrant needs and how much money is brought

For those who wish to settle in the United States, preparing for financial potential is necessary. However, how much money the U.S. immigrant needs and how much money the U.S. immigrant is brought in is not everyone knows.

To help people have a clear view of the financial problems of settling in the US. Immica will provide the necessary information in the article below.

1. Regulations on bringing money through the U.S.

Answer to the question of how much money U.S. immigration needs if it is not prohibited to make a remittance into the U.S. According to the Ordinance on Foreign Exchange 2005 and Decree No. 160/2006/ND-CP of the Government. In particular, it stipulates that “Vietnamese citizens have the right to buy, transfer and bring foreign currency abroad through credit institutions for the purpose of remittance in the following cases:

– Go to medical treatment or study abroad

– Subsidies for relatives of foreign settlers

– Visiting, working and traveling abroad

– Transfer money to overseas heirs

– Paying fees and charges to foreign countries,… and some other legal cases.

Vietnamese citizens have the right to purchase, transfer and bring foreign currency in case of foreign settlement

2. The cost of immigration forms will vary

How much money U.S. immigration needs will depend on your choice of immigration form. Currently, there are several common forms of immigration to the US as follows:

Investment-based immigration

If you want to immigly to the U.S. in this form, besides having to fully meet the requirements such as demographics, skills … It’s a lot of money to invest in America’s economy. Specifically, a popular program today is the EB5 investment program.

Eb5 investment immigration is popular today

Just spend an amount of 500,000USD to invest in TEA project. It is a key job creation region for the American nation. Therefore, investors will quickly receive a green card of America. And it is quite possible to settle in america for a long period of time. Fixed expenses in place while living in the U.S. will include monthly living expenses, electricity and water, food and other amenities.

Study abroad immigration

How much money immigrants need to study abroad is also something that many young people are interested in. Because many young people want to study at famous American universities and colleges, then apply for a job and live permanently in the US. The cost of studying abroad will be tuition fee for the duration of study.

Settling in the U.S. is of interest to many young people today

According to the general assessment, tuition fees at public universities over a 4-year period fluctuate in the number: 9,650- 24,930USD / year. As for private schools, the average figure is $33,480. The most important thing is to apply for a green card before the end of the study period in the US. And after studying abroad, there will be additional costs of renting, living expenses, so it is necessary to consider carefully.

Skilled immigration

For this area, the initial expenditure is used to complete papers, personal records, vocational certificate exams. Especially, skills including language, skills, experience are often tested very harshly. After settling in the United States, there are many expenses including rent, living expenses and related utilities. The common ground for rent ranges from 2,000 – 3,000USD / month.

3. Expenses for singles and families

How much money american immigration needs for singles and married people also has big differences. As a single person, the average spend is $1,600/month. This is the price in big cities like New York and San Francisco.

For those with families, the cost will be more. On average, a family of 4 people will cost $4,000 per month. If you have children of kindergarten age, the average tuition fee is $1,875/month.

4. How much money do U.S. settlers need to spend?

How much money the U.S. immigrant needs to spend, the answer is that the amount will depend on some basic factors as follows:

– Settlement location: The US has 50 states, the living rate of each state is not the same. Therefore, the amount spent also depends on which state you choose in the United States.

Spending depends on which state to settle in the U.S.

– Expenses for personal needs: Including expenses on rent, food, transportation, medical services …

– The cost of personal needs increases: The cost of entertainment and shopping for personal preferences.

5. How much money can Vietnamese settle in the U.S.?

Besides caring about how much money American immigration needs. There are also many people who wonder how much money Vietnamese can bring to settle in the U.S.

– According to Article 11 of the decision of the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam. In case of buying, transferring or bringing foreign currency abroad of residents who are Vietnamese citizens, the maximum amount must not exceed USD 10,000/year. If you want to bring more than 50,000USD, you must prove that this money is for living purposes. The rest will be gradually transferred to the US, besides, must ensure the prescribed level for a period of 1 year.

Besides money, gold can also be carried when settling in the US. If the weight of gold is 300g or more, it is necessary to declare it to customs. In case, the weight of gold over 1kg requires a license from the bank in the province or city you live in.

– Need to prepare U.S. immigration finance documents: In addition to paying attention to how much money U.S. immigration needs, it should be noted that if you want to bring money, foreign currency or gold to the U.S. when settling, it is also necessary to prepare financial documents. Documents include: Application for bringing foreign currency abroad (USA), copy of passport, copy of visa and translation confirmed by the translation agency.

6. Some things you need to keep in mind when settling in the U.S.

If the question of how much money american immigration needs is no longer a huge problem in your present time. Don’t forget to make time for other issues so that American immigration goes smoothly. And here are some basics that you shouldn’t ignore:

Buy airfare

Airfares to the U.S. are always very different at times of the year. Therefore, after having time to settle in the US, you should proceed to buy tickets about 1 up to 2 months in advance. At this time you will get the air ticket at the best price.

It is recommended to buy air tickets 1 – 2 months in advance for a good price

Pack your luggage

Arrange your luggage neatly with the necessary items. You should divide into 2 checked-in bags up to 46kg, while carry-on baggage is 7kg. Note the amount and amount of gold carried with regulations to limit problems and procedures in development.

Immigration Notes

In order for the entry into the U.S. to be fast and convenient, it is advisable to note some more things about entry. At the U.S. immigration airport, a legal entry sheet will be issued to you. It is necessary to complete and accurately fill out this form. To facilitate learning more about English, this problem will become easier.

In addition, immigration customs stamp officers will likely ask you about the schedule or purpose of your trip to the U.S. this time. Calmly answer to match what you said in the interview.

How much income does it take to live abundantly when settling in the U.S.?

Besides how much money american immigration needs to spend initially. In order to ensure life in The United States, it is necessary to find jobs with a stable income. However, with how much income can we live in the U.S.?

For new immigrants, wages are paid at $8-9 per hour. If the working time is longer, it will increase from 11 – 13 USD / hour. Calculates the average income of 10USD/ hour. But a person can only work a maximum of 40 hours a week. Thus, 1 month will have about 1,600USD. After deducting taxes, it is estimated to be only 1000 USD. This can only meet the spending per month.

But if you want to increase your income, you can choose to do 2 jobs at the same time or increase the time to 16 hours / day. Calculated every day can earn 160 USD, a month earns 4,800USD. But in return for health loss and not much time with family.

So to have a stable income and have more time with family. You should seriously study, to have a light job in terms of time and a good level of income. According to the income assessment of some industries in the US can reach 20 -50USD / hour. 2 to 5 times higher than the ordinary work income, without the above-mentioned degree.

Hopefully with the sharing of how much money American immigration needs and how much money american immigration is brought that the above article mentions, has helped you better understand the financial, income when living in The United States.

According to immica

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