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Business Immigration

If you are an immigrant and you want to run a business, see a business immigration lawyer. Business immigration is the largest and most actively evolving part of immigration law. A business immigration law firm covers work visas, investor visas, employment-based green cards, and permanent residence for talented individuals. Some of the methods of business immigration to USA require having a sponsoring employer (for example, H-1B or PERM), but some of the petitions can be filed by the applicants themselves.

For example, an individual with exceptional skills, whose work is in the national interest of the United States, can self-petition and sponsor himself for a green card. Similarly, a small business owner may file a self-petition for an E-2 investor visa or an L-1A visa, if the applicant meets the requirements.

In some types of business immigration to USA, the beneficiary is required to have a certain set of qualifications, experience, education or talents. In others, the beneficiary may be eligible for a visa or green card based on the amount of their investment or type of their activity, without the need for a certain education or experience level.

Our business immigration law firm likes to believe there is a way for anyone to immigrate or be lawfully employed in the United States. The key is to find the right path and the best fit. However, you should be willing to make additional efforts to meet the requirements.

Our experienced business immigration lawyer and his team represent employers, investors, and small businesses in securing work visas and permanent residence based on their business activities. In light of the recently signed “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order, the success of the petitions, now more than ever, depends on the ability to strategize, and diligently identify and address all issues depending on the circumstances of each specific case, without applying one-size-fits-all strategies.

When we prepare immigration packages for filing, each document and form go through multiple levels of rigorous verification and scrutiny. Each case is assigned to a team of professionals consisting of the responsible business immigration lawyer, and dedicated paralegal and immigration clerks, all of whom work together in an effort to achieve the best outcome.

Our business immigration law firm strives to file every immigration package in such a way as to make it unlikely to trigger a request for additional evidence or inquiries from the government. To achieve this, we constantly monitor the changes in immigration law. Our business immigration lawyer adjusts and tailors each package to meet the most up-to-date requirements. This helps us to take away the stress and burden of these matters from our clients, allowing them to focus on running their businesses rather than dealing with complicated immigration procedures.

Our work in making it easy for you begins from your first contact with our office. The first step to become our client is to schedule a consultation with our licensed and experienced business immigration lawyer. Your options include an in-person meeting at our Northern Virginia office in Fairfax, Virginia, a telephone consultation, or an online conference via Skype.